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Psychological Reversal

A Reason People Do Not Get Well

by Phyllis Winslow

An old saying – Author unknown

I asked for Strength…….
And God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom…….
And God gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity…….
And God gave me Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage…….
And God gave me Danger to overcome.

I asked for Love……..
And God gave me troubled people to help.

I asked for Favors…….
And God gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted………
I received everything I needed!

Are you getting what you want?

When you look at your life, are you getting what you want? Or are you getting what you need in order to change? Do you want to change some area of your life and you just can’t seem to do it? Perhaps you are unable to resolve an unhealthy relationship, or you are unable to give up smoking, or you are unable be financially successful.

Every day we make choices. Many of the choices we make come from an unconscious level. Sometimes we want to change and it seems that whatever we do, there is a subconscious genie sitting on our back that continually causes us to sabotage ourselves.

I, for one, keep on telling myself that I must exercise to keep in shape. For some reason almost every time I go to do some sort of rigorous exercise, I come up with some sort of excuse as to why I need to take care of something more pressing than exercise. We all have something that we put off doing, or we sabotage ourselves by not doing something that we should do.

You want to loose weight and can’t

Let’s say, for example, that you are someone who would like to loose some weight. You do fine for a week or two. Then you decide to go out with some friends. Your friends want a pizza and a beer. Sounds good to you. You think to yourself, “Only this once. I’ll just have some fun with my friends tonight and then tomorrow I’ll start in again on my diet.” Well then tomorrow is put off until the next day, and the next day is put off until the next day, and tomorrow never arrives.

Soon you find yourself back up to your old weight. It is most probable that if someone were to muscle test you, and you were to “picture yourself your current weight” that you would test strong, and you would test strong for “I want to be heavy.” If you were to “picture yourself thin” and muscle test, you would test weak, and you would test weak for, “I want to be my ideal weight.”

In this case what you say you want, “to be my ideal weight,” is the exact opposite from what you muscle test strong for. Your subconscious mind is actually supporting you in being heavy!!! Your subconscious mind is actually behind your self-sabotaging behavior. According to Dr. Roger Callahan, this is a case of Psychological Reversal.

Holding onto your problem

Let’s take another example. I had a woman who came to me with a severe bronchial infection. She also was feeling extremely depressed. After doing some energetic hands-on healing on her, I asked her what was going on in her life to cause her to be so depressed. She mentioned some difficulties that her husband was going through, and also that she was still dealing with the grief of her mother’s death.

I asked her if she would like to heal the sadness and guilt about her mother’s’s death. She said, “Yes.” I then muscle tested her for, “I want to get over the guilt about my mother’s death.” She muscle tested weak, indicating that, in reality, she did not want to get rid of this problem, the exact reverse of what she indicated she wanted.

Holding onto your illness

Many people will test strong for “I want to be sick,” and weak for, “I want to be well.” People will test strong for “I want to be miserable,” and weak for “I want to be happy.” This means that people actually want to hold onto their problem or their illness. Even though they may tell you that they want to get well, their subconscious mind will actually be preventing them from getting well! This means that outwardly a person is striving to achieve a specific goal, getting well, but the results are contrary to what is wanted.

Failure to respond to treatment

Let’s say a person consciously wants to get well, but unconsciously seems to resist all treatment, all help, and that their situation remains much the same. Dr Callahan, a psychologist and phobia specialist, noticed that these people appeared to be impervious to healing, no matter what they do. According to Callahan people who “appear to resist cure, even though they act as if they want to be rid of their phobias, and believe that they want to live without fear” have a Psychological Reversal.

Dr. Callahan found that before any therapy or treatment can be effective, attention needed to be given to eliminating or reducing the psychological reversal. He also found that there is a wide range in the nature of psychological reversal on people. People can be massively reversed or just reversed in a particular area or subject. For example, a person may have a learning block in just one area, say, math, or be very healthy except that the person has a fear of flying.

Self-defeating behavior

A person who is massively reversed is probably very negative about almost everything, and has self-defeating behavior. That person may also be addicted to alcohol or drugs. Another person who is massively reversed may have a debilitating disease. There are always many aspects to be addressed in a person who is massively reversed.

There are many areas in which a person may be reversed. One common area which may apply to many people is difficulty in being intimate or in establishing a truly good relationship. So, for example, a person would test weak for, “I want to improve my relationship with my spouse,” and test strong for, “I want my relationship with my spouse to get worse.” Another area where people are resistant to treatment will occur when they test weak for “I want to get better” and strong for “I want to be worse.”

Reversed on being successful

People with money problems will probably test weak for “I want to be successful.” Think of all the things you have wanted to do and have not been successful in doing. Perhaps at some deep level you do not believe that you are good enough, and you are reversed in this area Reversed people do not believe that they deserve to succeed.

Normally problems exist in degrees and people who tow the line between being reversed and not being reversed can slip into being reversed by being around someone who is massively reversed.

Reversing the Reversal

Dr. Callahan created Thought Field Therapy to address the problem of Psychological Reversal and the treatment of phobias and fears. What he discovered was that the internal defense mechanisms, of most people that he worked with, had gone awry, that there had been a disruption of energy along the flow of their acupuncture meridians. Our bodies are set up to protect us from danger. The fight or flight response can be life saving. However, when something occurs that reminds us of a former trauma, the response can continue stressing the person.

This means that when a person was exposed to a fearful situation, the normal flow of energy along a meridian was “blocked”. He found that this not only happened when the person was in the fearful situation, but also happened when a person simply thought about the problem.

The importance of what he discovered is awesome. What this means is that in order to cure the problem one has to address not only the problem itself, but the energy blockage of the meridians. He found that by tapping on specific points on the meridians, while thinking about the problem, he was able to heal many long-standing problems. This is how Thought Field Therapy (TFT) came about.

Gary Craig was one of the first people to study with Dr. Callahan. Craig took Dr. Callahan’s work, modified it and created Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Emotional Freedom Techniques is a simple, yet very powerful, method to quickly reverse the psychological reversal and heal the problem. Similar to TFT it involves thinking about the problem and tapping specific points along the meridians.

Success with EFT

As I wrote in my column last month I have been having a great deal of success incorporating EFT into my healing practice. People working with EFT and TFT are finding that the techniques can not only be applied to emotional problems, but to physical ones as well. In my own practice I have been able to help people with many problems including fibromyalgia, money issues, self-esteem, sexual problems, back pain, trouble with relationships, work problems and thyroid problems related to speaking up.

Practitioners of EFT are finding that with persistence EFT is effective on most problems. People are working on such things as addictions, chronic fatigue, fears, spinal problems, post-traumatic stress disorders, fears, and many phobias. Gary Craig believes that if the problem has not gone away completely that the person has simply not tapped on enough aspects of the problem. The more I work with EFT the more excited I get about its enormous possibilities.

Class in EFT

Because of the important nature of this new tool, I have decided to teach a class in Basic EFT. The class will be held Saturday, April 8th at Lemurian Imports, 2850 East Grant Road. Please call for further details and to register for the class.

Phyllis Winslow is the Director of the Institute for Health and Healing, certified by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT). She can be reached for private appointments and information on classes at (520) 909-3455 or (520) 323-9325. Her web site address is  

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